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Shake up your life: how to change your own perspective

"Mom, I am so very tired with this person. I can't tolerate how he ignores me. I can't tolerate how he doesn't give a damn about what's going on within me even though I explicitly call out. Why is he indifferent to me, why does he not put any effort to change the situation we are into?"...I was angrily venting out in-front of my Mom.

"Why does it bother you?"...Mom asked.

"Mom, he is all I have known all my life. He is my everyday focus. Day starts and ends with him. He is my sole purpose of living this life. Everyone needs a reason, a purpose in life. He is mine. I fight, I shout I argue, but I love him the most. All my life since I have known him, my thoughts, my ambitions, my choices, all circled around him. But now he makes me feel, I did all wrong, as if I was focusing on a wrong thing my entire life. Why he is like this? Do I not matter to him anymore? Or was he like this always?"....I was rattling away my heart- my darkest feelings to Mom.

She said- "Remove Why and say the rest of the sentence loudly."

I shouted on top of my voice - "He is like this"...... My expressions first contorted, then appeared confused and finally eased.

"Yes, he is like that. Now decide how you want to handle him."

I understood and smiled. Removing one word from self talk suddenly transformed me.

A change of perspective is what you need. What screws us most in life is the picture in our head of how things are supposed to be in life. A lot of you might think, this is easier said than done. Erase this from your mind...its a constant endeavor to make small changes in our everyday life. The path is long, but there is always an end to each road. Go for it !!

Do you agree? Leave your comments below.

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